Rori, the Clan’s adopted homeplanet until a return to Kashyyyk is permitted.
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The Story of Today’s Clan of the Wroshyr

The first Clan of the Wroshyr originally came to Rori on a very early space exploration trip. The technology was new at the time and in their quest to discover life in the galaxy the group of Wookiee explorers crash-landed on Rori. Only 3 survived the crash, and eventually found a way to contact their brethren back on Kashyyyk, and they were rescued. However, a small band went back and founded the first Clan of the Wroshyr on Rori that lasted for a number of years.

This was long before the Empire's time however, and before the Emperor's rise to power, the Wookiees on Rori had mostly gone back to Kashyyyk, preferring the familiarity of the trees and their old lifestyle. But, after the Emperor came to power and began harvesting slaves from Kashyyyk (primarily using Trandoshan slavers), many Wookiees joined the Rebellion and decided to escape the Empire's tyranny by moving to different planets, to make it more difficult for the Empire to track down the Rebel Wookiees.

One Wookiee leader, a male named Graykyysh, made preparations to move his small group of Wookiees to Rori to aid the Rebellion from Naboo's small moon. Since history is well preserved in Wookiee society, Graykyysh knew of those from long ago that came to Rori, the Clan of the Wroshyr. He anointed his group with the very name to preserve the memory of the brave Wookiees from long ago, and living preparations on the planet begun. The village would be secretive; few people would know about it although it would be in somewhat close proximity to a city to do business in and gain information from. Graykyysh laid his plans and was ready to move the Wookiees from Kashyyyk. And then fate struck.

The Wookiee leaders of a large city on Kashyyyk offered Graykyysh the position of a lifetime. To sit on the Wookiee Council and make decisions that would affect the livelihood of his entire species. It was an offer that Graykyysh could not turn down or refuse. He took the position, but did not give up on the hope that the group of now leaderless Wookiees could establish a village on Rori that could serve the Rebellion, help bring down the Empire, and end slavery.

He chose three Wookiees that he saw as potential leaders and guides for the Clan. One was Lowappia, a natural leader that was an early recruit into the Clan that had aspirations of holding an office in the Wookiee society. Another was Melkabahrr, a younger Wookiee that had a troubled life in another city on Kashyyyk. His life had been a constant struggle and he had been treated harshly by many other Wookiees because of a grievous incident that had involved his young niece being taken captive by Trandoshan slavers. Bewchabbacc the Black had taken him away from those hardships and brought him to Graykyysh. Melkabahrr was very grateful to those that had accepted him, and as a result was fiercely loyal to the Clan's cause and members. The last was Issharaccor, a talented Wookiee who had always contributed to the Clan because of his proficiency in technological devices and the use of terrain.

Once Graykyysh assumed the position of leadership in the Council circle however, many stalwart members in the Clan lost hope and direction and decided to leave the Clan to pursue their own goals and aspirations. Many left, including the mighty Bewchabbacc the Black, Rycekk, Gryaalkrr, and many others. In the wake of this recent devastation to the Clan's cause, few remained. Among those that did stay were Zorbbacca, who decided to support the Clan in whatever form it took.

The three new leaders of the Clan knew what was before them, and decided to start anew, recruiting new members to the Wroshyr cause and fulfilling Graykyysh's vision of bringing together Wookiees to fight injustice throughout the galaxy, whether it be slavery or the Empire's often cruel tactics. They began in earnest, gathering Wookiees together as the purpose of the Clan of the Wroshyr was heard across Kashyyyk and neighboring systems. As more Wookiees joined the cause and came together as one, the elders made the move to Rori to start the village…

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