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Dejarik Board (for game rules, visit Games of the Galaxy: HOLOCHESS)
Kashyyyk Planetary Library
Wookiee Naming Guide Many of our kind are recently freed slaves and servants who haven't been able to go by a proper Wookiee name in quite a long time. We have provided this naming guide as a starting place for choosing a name worthy of our noble species.

Wookiee Lore Database In an effort to preserve the history of our kind until we can return to our homeworld, the Database contains selected material, courtesy of CUSWE, relevant to Wookiees living during the time of the Galactic Civil War.

WroshyrWiki Thanks to the tireless efforts of Clan Historian Rustitobuck, our Lore Database has been assembled into a portable datapad-friendly version.
Galactic Links
The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia
CUSWE is an amazingly exhaustive compendium of Star Wars reference material. This is the fansite to go to for all information related to the Star Wars universe.
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