The Clan of the Wroshyr aims to honor the traditions of our people, and are governed by a membership system that recalls the ways of those still on our homeworld.

Because we are prevented from being among our own tribes on Kashyyyk, our Clan is eachotherís adopted family; a place where one can rely on oneís breathren to aid and assist in any way possible. As such, each member is allowed a say in clan matters, though ultimately the path the Clan treads is directed by Elders, whose responsibility is to provide guidance to the Clan by holding the Clanís best interests at heart.

For further explanation of the Clanís governing bodies, please see our Clan Guidelines Section.

Clan Roster

Clan Elders
Name: Isshraccor
Position: Elder
Name: Bewchabbacc
Position: Elder
Clan Council
Name: Archabyakk
Position: Village Sage, "Mayor"
Name: currently unfilled
Position: Sage of War, "General"
Name: Gryaalkrr
Position: Sage of Freedom
Name: JareNahuerPeich
Position: Sage of Diplomacy, "Ambassador"
Sages' Cabinet
Name: Cherokaa
Position: Village Armory Officer, "Quartermaster"
Branch: Ministry of War
Name: Diosynakka
Position: Sages' Assistant,
"Clan Steward"
Branch: All Branches
Name: Botomba
Name: Eynr
Name: Gratharr
Name: Marike
Name: Nagorrloc
Name: Oobiie
Name: Rewaq
Name: Rustitobuck
Name: Tarrbecca
Name: Tolic
Name: Tukkaryyk
Name: Watbu
Name: Yethka
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