Know who this is? Get to know your cousins in our Clan Members section.
Weary traveller, welcome to Wroshyr Village!

Enjoy our hospitality, and enjoy the shade of the mighty Wroshyr tree.

Should you find yourself comfortable among your brethren, cousin, you will find a Clan of mighty Wookiees ready to regain our freedom and return to our beloved Kashyyyk.


The Clan of the Wroshyr is the premier Wookiee-only Star Wars Galaxies Player Association. We are based on the Starsider server, and located on the planet of Rori.

The Clan is dedicated to aiding the Rebellion, as well as all those that serve in the Rebellion as well. Additionally, CotW is grounded in roleplay, and holds its Wookiee roots, culture, and traditions in high regard.

Have what it takes? Apply for Membership.

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