Our serene Kashyyyk, before the accursed slaveships descended.
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The Story of the First Clan of the Wroshyr

To know the history of the Wroshyr you have to go back a long time. It tells the story of the first Clan of the Wroshyr. We are the second such clan to use this name.

10 generations ago when the republic was newly founded, Wookiee had just mastered hyperspace travel. The never-ending war with the Trandoshans was only 150 years old. The military was advocating Wookiee space exploration. But the tribal elders where reluctant to do so, asking what sane Wookiee would leave the trees of Kashyyyk unless they where needed to stop the Trandoshan invasion fleets. The military got some support from scientists but they thought that droid probes could do just as well. They saw the wisdom of finding out if any other species like the Trandoshans existed in the galaxy. The counsel of elders approved a space exploration program. Unmanned probes were sent out, and a small number of Wookiee flights went as well. Within a year a new planet was found. It was covered with lakes, planes, and a few strands of brush (being only 10 to 15 meters high, this was not considered to be a tree to the Wookiees).

The military thought this was a good chance to drum up public support for Wookiee space flight. Work was started to convert a military transport of the most reliable class to serve as a scientific survey ship. It would be ready to make the trip shortly after the great academies graduated that year's class. It was realized that young Wookiees would be the most likely to want to undertake the voyage seeing it has an adventure. Plus if some young Wookiees came back with stories of adventure setting foot on a new planet it could generate support for Wookiee space flight amongst those that would one day be making the decisions whether to continue the program or cancel it.

The brightest scientist of The Kashyyyk Academy of Research, Gurrum, was picked. So was the most talented craftswookiee from The Kashyyyk School of Engineering, Yyarn. Finally, the strongest of the Kashyyyk Institute of Interplanetary Warfare, Hurrdum, was also selected. The planet was light-years away. The trip would take six weeks each way plus 4 weeks on planet.

Upon entering orbit around the new planet, alarms sounded throughout the ship. You see in those days ships did not have shields, and they were protected from collision by a laser cone. It emitted from the bow of the ship, and would destroy the small objects in the ship's path. But a meteorite no bigger than a fist struck the ship in the side. It pierced the ship like it was made out of Karty leaves, embedding itself in the containment shell of one of the ship's reactors. The heat of the meteorite passing through the atmosphere of the ship started many fires.

The three young Wookiees were ushered to the escape pods. (Story teller chuckles) (Well Hurrdum had to be wrestled into his pod due to his stubborn desire to stay and help). The crew stayed with the ship to try and save it for they knew that with no ship there was no way to get home. The skilled crew of the ship managed to get the reactor shut down and secured without breaching, but they where not successfull fighting the fires raging in the core of the ship. The fire reached the tanks used to store oxygen to help replace the ship's atmosphere. Due to pressure loss, they ignited. The destruction of the ship has repercussions even today, as you will never see a Wookiee ship carry pure oxygen.

The escape pod managed to safely land on the new planet. The three young Wookiees where very shaken up and in shock. They spent that day and night wondering if only and what now. But by the next morning they had decided to make do with what they had, and to stay alive until rescue arrived. Now, each of them had a different idea since they where the smartest, most talented, or the strongest of the Wookiees, and each felt that it was their duty to take care of the other two.

So at dawn all three set off to do what they thought necessary to take care of the others. Gurrum found a survey probe from the ship since it was designed for ballistic reentry. It was inactive, but Gurrum knew that it had a transmitter that could be used to signal a rescue ship as to where they where on the planet. Gurrum knew the theory of how everything worked in the probe. But he had no hands-on knowledge of its specs, and he shorted it out trying to activate it. Yyarn was trying to make some simple tools to use in order to set up a better camp (better than three pods in a field anyway). He knew the type of materials he needed but did not know where to find them. So he just used what he could find.

He made some well-crafted tools but the materials that they where made out of where neither strong enough nor had adequate working weight. It took him all day just do dig a simple latrine. Hurrdum encountered a strange beast near camp, and it attacked him on site. It had six legs, two large pinchers and a hard shell. It stood waist high to Hurrdum. He managed to dodge the pinchers and hit the creature with a tree branch. It had no effect on the creature. Next he tried to use a sharpened stick as a spear but it broke on the creature's shell. Then Hurrdum did the only thing left. He ran away toward the woods away from the camp. With the creature in hot pursuit Hurrdum got to the trees, climbed them and got away safely.

After they got back to camp the three young Wookiees compared the experiences of the day., and remembered what they had always been told in school: You can do more if you work together. So they agreed the next day to go out to gather provisions. That night they ate the last of their survival rations. The next morning all three went out. First Gurrum led them to a patch of mushrooms. There were three types of mushrooms. There was one that was edible, and several that had some antiseptic properties.

Next they went to the probe that Gurrum found the previous day. Yyarn looked it over and said that it could be fixed. So the three got to work but Gurrum kept blocking the light making it hard for Yyarn to see what he was doing and asking questions which slowed Yyarn down even more when he stopped to answer them. Hurrdum not knowing how to work the locking device of an access panel used a rock to bash it open causing more damage to the probe. Finally they got the repulsers to work so they could move it back to camp. Heading back to camp, they were walking along the top of a deep ravine, when another of the hard shelled creatures attacked. Gurrum was not strong enough to hit the creature to any effect. Yyarn keep getting in Hurrdum's way so he could not get a good swing. Finally in a desperate move the three managed to push the creature over the side of the ravine.

Back at camp the three ate their mushrooms. Now let me tell you there are few things in the world crankier than a Wookiee reduced to eating vegetables. It was not long before the three Wookiees started arguing. It broke open when Hurrdum accused Gurrum of being weak and only good for finding things. Then Yyarn chimed in with, “If he is so good at finding things, then how come he had not found some good material so I can make some good tools or weapons.” Gurrum answered, “If you ever bothered to tell me what you need then I could get it.” Hurrdum said, “And if I had a decent weapon then those hard-shelled creatures would not have a chance.” Just like that the argument turned into a planning session.

The next morning Gurrum headed of to the woods looking for signs of storm damage to find some dead timber for Yyarn to use. Yyarn removed a metal panel from his escape pod and began to shape it in to a blade. Hurrdum set about marking of a defensive perimeter for the camp. Soon Gurrum returned with a log about has long has he was tall and about the same size around as a Wookiee's arm. It was dry, strong and relatively light. He gave it to Yyarn then went to help Gurrum by telling him where the wild life would emerge from. When Yyarn finished his work he brought the weapon to Hurrdum. It was 2 meters long with an octagonal-shaped wooden shaft.

It was topped with a metal head that on one side was a wide blade, which came to a point. It was good for thrusting or slashing and on the other side was a hook. Hurrdum took the weapon, gave the air a few slashes and thrusts, and pronounced it good. Just then, another hard-shelled creature charged out of the woods. Gurrum and Yyarn fell back giving Hurrdum room to work. Hurrdum side stepped the creature and blocked its pincer with his new weapon, then reached across it with the weapon and hooked the creatures shell.

Hurrdum gave a power pull on the weapon, flipping the creature over onto its back. Freeing the weapon's hook from the creature's shell, he then slashed into the creature's weaker underside, killing it. He then presented the carcass to Gurrum to analyze. He used scientific equipment from the probe he had found to do a chemical analysis. He found that the shell, although hard, was flexible and that the creatures meat was edible. That night they ate as Wookies are accustomed to and the next morning Yyarn had three crossbows ready made from the creature’s hard shell. For six and a half months this continued; each one doing what they did best.

The day finally did come when the rescue ship arrived to take them back to Kashyyyk. Within one year of returning to Kashyyyk, they were back on a ship heading to the new planet. This time with 2000 colonists and the seeds of the Wroshyr Clan.

On this day we welcome the new to our clan and we commemorate the Wookiees of the frontier.

And we relearn the lessons they learned:

1) No matter how strong, smart, or talented, no Wookiee can do every task.
2) More people or more power might help, but it is not the solution to most problems.
3) Do what you do best and trust your brothers to do what they do best.
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