Ready to be among your kind again?

The Clan of the Wroshyr strives to uphold the traditions set by our ancestors long ago on our beloved Kashyyyk. We believe the application process should be a communal one, that way the whole clan can get to know the initiate, and vice versa.

Our application process is a simple one: once you have completed the application below, you will be given Initiate status within the Clan. During a 1 week evaluation period, you will have an opportunity to see if the Clan is for you, and if we believe you would make a good fit with us. At the end of your week, the Clan Council will come to a decision and either grant or decline Clanmember status.

For the best chances of gaining membership, an Initiate will be active both in game and on our forums. In addition, we look for a fit with our playstyle, and our Wookiee sense of family and humor.

To apply for membership, just answer the following questions and post your reply on our Forums in the “Applications” section:

1)Character Name

2)SWG Handle (SWG Forums name)

3)Active Email Address

4)Location (real world), and Time Zone (optional)

5)Age (real world) (optional)

6)Are you willing to roleplay? (The PA takes part in roleplaying scenarios. Please ask if you are not sure what this means.)

7)Number of characters you currently play

8)How long has/have the character(s) existed? (Is it a newly made character, or has a lot of time been put in?)

9)How often is/are the character(s) played? (Is this character played often, or very little?)

8)Faction Record (Please list your current faction status, and important information such as any former faction you may have belonged to.)

9)Current, and Desired Professions of the character(s) (Leave blank if undecided)

10)Interview Questions:

1.)Would you be willing to live in our village on Rori? If not, where would/do you choose to live instead, and why?

2.)What inspired you to choose our PA?

3.)How did you find out about us?

4.)Have you belonged to any other PAs in the past? If so, what were they, and why did you leave?

5.)Do you have any goals to be achieved by this character?

6.)Have you met any members of this PA?

7.)Are there any other (real world or in-game) skills that you can to offer to the PA?

8.)Please feel free to tell us anything else about yourself.

Not lucky enough to be born a Wookiee?

From time to time, the Clan of the Wroshyr will officially recognize certain individual non-Wookiees with Kindred status. For more information, please see the Applications section of our Forums.

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